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Divorce Lawyers Newmarket

We can help you with the process of a separation or divorce

The decision to pursue a divorce or separation is one that will have a significant impact on your life.

During the important weeks and months that come after the decision is made it is vital to have an ally by your side who can keep you informed about your options and protect your legal interests.

Working side-by-side with a Newmarket Divorce law firm will help to make the best of a stressful situation.  Our experienced Divorce Lawyers in Newmarket will provide you with the resources you need for a strategic and knowledgeable approach in your cause.

Epstein & Associates’ Newmarket Divorce Lawyers provide exceptional support along with our team of clerks and assistants. We work hard to ensure that we are a good fit to represent you in your case and we endeavour to provide timely communication and assistance to guide you in reaching a beneficial decision in your separation.

Divorce Services in Newmarket

The Newmarket divorce lawyers at Epstein & Associates have extensive experience dealing with: 

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Know more about common concerns and frequently asked questions about legal separation or divorce such as child custody, divorce proceedings, and more here:

Am I Too Old To Get A Divorce?

When an older couple divorces after a long-term marriage, it’s sometimes referred to as ‘gray divorce,’ or those divorcing are considered ‘silver’ or ‘diamond’ splitters.

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