Barrie Corporate Lawyers

Corporate Lawyer in Barrie

Are you looking for a business lawyer to provide legal services? If so, we are here to help. At Epstein & Associates Barrie, our lawyers offer a complete range of corporate legal services that align with your core business interests. 

Some of our services include:

  • Business Startups: Registration of companies, partnerships, subsidiaries, branches, representative offices and company names
  • Existing and Growing Businesses: Changing corporate structures, preparing contracts and commercial agreements of all kinds, representing clients in business transactions and negotiations
  • Intellectual Property: Preserving and protecting the value of important assets that may define your brand
  • Lien Rights: Advising clients as to lien rights such as construction lien matters, PPSA lien rights, RSLA lien rights
  • Buying/Selling Assets or Shares: Helping you negotiate deals and conduct due diligence to close a transaction

We are here to provide advice from the initial phases of starting a business to negotiating the best commercial contract for you, to corporate reorganization. No matter how much your business changes, or what services you need, working side-by-side with the corporate legal team at Epstein & Associates will help you run your business smoothly and effectively. Find out for yourself – contact our Barrie office for a free half hour consultation with one of our dedicated lawyers.

Meet Our Barrie Corporate Lawyers