Family Mediation

Often individuals are unable to solve their problems on their own due to high conflict issues, as a result they will use Mediators in order to direct the settlement process. Mediators assist parties that are facing difficult family issues by acting as a neutral third party. The Mediator will not take sides, but will help you and your spouse communicate effectively and efficiently to reach an amicable resolution.  Our Family Law Mediators will work with you to bridge the gap in your issues and find a resolution.

Our firm mediators have varied backgrounds and experience; Howard E. Warren has over 35 years of experience as a lawyer handling all aspects of family law with a focus on mediation and arbitration. Howard lends all of this experience to Epstein & Associates, as Mediator and Arbitrator to the firm.  He along with Mark A. Epstein, Managing Partner of the firm, Mahvish H. Mian, Senior Associate Lawyer with a Certificate in Family Mediation and Nancy Huntley, Accredited Family Mediator, are part of the Mediation Department at Epstein & Associates.


Mediation at Epstein & Associates can be arranged on an hourly, half-day or full-day basis.  Pricing is as follows:

Howard E. Warren, LL.B., F.Arb. – $550 per hour, $1,500 half-day or $2,750 full-day

Nancy Huntley, AccFM – $350 per hour, $950 half-day or $1,750 full-day

Mahvish H. Mian, LL.B., Cert.FM – $350 per hour, $950 half-day or $1,750 full-day

Mark A. Epstein, LL.B. – $350 per hour, $950 half-day or $,1750 full-day

*Prices above apply to Mediation services only and are subject to HST.

“Half-day” capped at 3 hours, including review time.

“Full-day” capped at 6 hours, including review time.