Buying and Selling Real Estate Property Can Be Far More Complicated Than It Seems.

Purchasing or selling a home is often one of most significant financial transactions you will make in your lifetime. Because of its significance, the process involves binding contracts. These should be reviewed by a qualified real estate lawyer for your own protection.

Experienced Real Estate Lawyers

The legal team at Epstein & Associates has extensive experience in real estate law. We can provide the insight, advice and guidance to help you protect your rights and interests. Our Newmarket, Richmond Hill and Barrie real estate lawyers offer convenient flat fees. We also offer an online estimate to help alleviate much of the stress associated with real estate transactions. Through this approach, you can plan for all the various disbursements you will incur in your real estate transaction.

Legal Closing Cost Calculator

Try out our Legal Closing Cost Calculator. Whether you are buying or selling a home, a residential property, or a condominium, we will work with you to ensure your real estate transaction closes smoothly.

Our current ALL INCLUSIVE* Flat Fees for real estate are as follows:

Home Purchase with one mortgage
New Condo Purchase
Resale Condo Purchase, including one Mortgage
Each Additional Mortgage
Occupancy Closing Fee
Discharge of each additional mortgage
If no Mortgage on purchase
Sale of Property
Simple Refinance
*All fees set out above are ALL INCLUSIVE subject to: LAND TRANSFER TAXES AND TITLE INSURANCE NOT BEING INCLUDED. All real estate fees relate to residential freehold properties. Commercial real estate matters are billed based on an hourly rate. Delayed closings and any work outside the scope of a typical transaction are billed on an hourly basis. Stated fees for New Condo purchase INCLUDE dealing with any interim closing and the review of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. A review of a Status Certificate is INCLUDED in our fee for a resale condo purchase. Please contact our office for a more complete explanation of the disbursements involved, including but not limited to, Title Insurance and Land Transfer Tax and for a more accurate quote for your specific transaction. We will make sure that you make an informed decision and would welcome an opportunity to discuss all aspects of your transaction with you directly. Fees subject to change without notice.