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Wills and

No one likes to think about their own death -or that of a loved one. But having a Will, or executing a Power of Attorney are important ways to take care for yourself and your family should the unthinkable occur.

The Wills and Estates lawyers at Epstein & Associates can help you make the difficult but important decisions in regards to your estate so that your loved ones will have the peace of mind that they deserve. You will always meet with a lawyer to discuss and prepare your documents; and you will sign your documents with one of our lawyers.  This is really what sets us apart from our competitors.

We can help with the preparation of your last Will and Testament, ensuring that your estate will be distributed in accordance with your wishes, as well as advice on deciding on who will be your Estate Trustee or Executor/Executrix.

Our lawyers will also discuss the importance of having Powers of Attorney in place for both Property and your Personal Care.

For more information on Will and Estate Law please contact our office for a free half hour initial consultation, or click here for our frequently asked questions.

Our fees currently start at the following for Simple documents*:

Single Simple Will:
Power of Attorney For Personal Care
Power of Attorney For Property
Package Price $1,250.00
Reciprocal/Spousal Simple Wills:
Reciprocal Powers of Attorney for Property
Reciprocal Powers of Attorney For Personal Care
Simple Codicils:

*plus HST and disbursements. Prices subject to change without notice.