Collaborative Family Law

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Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law in Aurora, Barrie, Newmarket & Beyond

Does it seem impossible to come out of a family conflict unscathed? The focus of Collaborative Family Law is cooperation – as opposed to confrontation.

The collaborative family law lawyers at Epstein & Associates are uniquely trained and experienced in this approach. We partner with you to attain a lasting final agreement that will bring closure without the need to work within the confines of the court system.

Involved with York Collaborative Practice since its inception in York Region, Mark A. Epstein is the former Chair of the York Collaborative Practice. If you are in the process of separating, or are already separated, there are options through collaborative family law that the Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Barrie and Mississauga family lawyers at Epstein & Associates would be happy to discuss.

In collaborative family law the participants and their lawyers enter what is known as a Participation Agreement whereby they agree to specific terms relating to the process, one of which is that they will remove the threat of Court from the process and should either party choose to proceed to Court, both parties will have to seek out new lawyers, from different law firms.

Once the parties enter the Participation Agreement they, with their lawyers, will meet at a series of settlement meetings, sometimes referred to as Four-way meeting in an effort to settle their outstanding issues.  Sometimes, the parties will agree to have outside professionals, such as, Family Coordinators, or Financial Neutrals participate in the meetings in order to assist in reaching a resolution.


Why Turning to a Family Law Firm Can Benefit You

When it comes to divorce, separation, child custody, and other related concerns,  Epstein & Associates’ family lawyers have extensive knowledge of family law, offering suggestions and options that you may not even be aware of and helping you reach a solution that benefits all parties.

Emotions can run high during a family law case; turning to a family law firm means you can work with a lawyer who brings an objective point of view to your situation. Our clearheaded approach acts as a buffer between you and the other party, preventing rash decision-making.


How Our Collaborative Family Law Lawyers Can Help

At Epstein & Associates, we understand that family law concerns can be stressful for everyone involved. Through collaborative family law process, we help you and your former spouse reach a fair and reasonable settlement. There are options that do not require going to court. If you and your former spouse want to learn more about collaborative family law and its benefits, contact the family law lawyers at our Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Mississauga or Barrie locations. We can schedule a free half hour initial consultation. Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more.