Mississauga Corporate Lawyers

Corporate Lawyer in Mississauga

At Epstein & Associates Mississauga, our experienced and forward-thinking lawyers help clients handle various business activities from incorporation, to reviewing contracts, to the purchase and sale of a business. Legal guidance can help you avoid the hefty legal ramifications and costs involved in running your business.

Areas of our business law practice include:

  • Business Startups: Registration of companies, partnerships, subsidiaries, branches, representative offices and company names
  • Existing and Growing Businesses: Changing corporate structures, preparing contracts and commercial agreements of all kinds, representing clients in business transactions and negotiations
  • Intellectual Property: Preserving and protecting the value of important assets that may define your brand
  • Lien Rights: Advising clients as to lien rights such as construction lien matters, PPSA lien rights, RSLA lien rights
  • Buying/Selling Assets or Shares: Helping you negotiate deals and conduct due diligence to close a transaction

Don’t wait until after you’ve run into a problem with your business to consult a lawyer. Our expertise covers a range of business legal needs and our approach is easy: we will help you navigate the best suited solution and provide options for the outcome you desire.

Want to learn more? Just contact our Mississauga office today to set up your initial 30-minute complimentary consultation with one of our lawyers.

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