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Lawyers in Barrie

Through the course of our lives, we face many transitional moments. The decisions we make in these moments can either set us up for a strong future or can leave us with regret. When confronted with these moments, having a thorough understanding of your legal rights and options can make a world of difference. Epstein & Associates is a Barrie law firm ready to support you when you need it. We will provide you with professional, timely advice and at a reasonable rate.

Our Barrie lawyers provide clients with the information and legal advice they need in order to make a decision that will set you up for a better future. Our lawyers in Barrie practice in a number of different areas of law, making us your one-stop for all of your legal needs.

We know there are a lot of law firms in Barrie and that is why our lawyers would be happy to meet with you to discuss at a free initial consultation, so you can choose the right lawyer for your matter.

Our Services

Our Barrie law firm is well versed in a number of different areas of law. We offer free initial consultations for our all matters and our Barrie lawyers are always available to assist you when needed.

Our services include:

We look forward to being your Barrie law firm and invite you to contact our Barrie Lawyers to set up a complimentary initial consultation for your matter.