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Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyers


At Epstein & Associates, our Criminal Defense Lawyers will provide you with the help and answers you need to get through all of your criminal law matters.

We have the experience to ensure your interests are protected, your rights defended, and your case thoroughly pursued. Since, the implications of a criminal charge or conviction can be detrimental to your life, such as a criminal record, loss of employment, travel restrictions, loss of a driver’s license, and risk of incarceration or restrictive probation conditions. The severity of these consequences demonstrate the necessity of retaining our team of skilled and experienced criminal lawyers to assist in your defense.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers have ably defended individuals against all types of criminal charges in Ontario, ranging from traffic safety violations to the most serious of criminal offenses. With broad and deep experience in criminal law, quasi-criminal law, and professional regulatory proceedings, our lawyers are among the best criminal defense lawyers in the region. Our firm has appeared before all levels of the Ontario and Federal Courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.


Criminal Law Services Offered At Epstein & Associates


The following is a list of some of the many charges that our Criminal Defense Lawyers has successfully defended, which include:

  • DUI and Marijuana Driving charges

  • Domestic Assaults

  • Criminal Harassment

  • Assault and violent crime

  • Sexual assault

  • Drug offences

  • Offenses against property

  • Breaches or failures to appear

  • Theft

  • Provincial, municipal, and regulatory offenses, including

  • Traffic offences


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