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6 Questions You Need To Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

You may have spotted the signs of divorce in your marriage and need to get some help. Divorce and separation can be a tough emotional time. The process of divorce can make things even more difficult. There’s paperwork, the division of property, court proceedings, as well as custody issues to manage.

A family lawyer may be your best bet to navigate through a divorce.

It’s important to find the right person to help you through the process. They need to be experienced and supportive of your situation, with a solid record in handling divorce matters.

Do your research and explore all your legal options before deciding on what kind of family law help you need. Here we cover some of the important questions to ask a divorce lawyer. These questions may help you decide what’s right for you.

1. How much divorce experience do you have?

When it comes to the law, there’s no substitute for experience. Find out how long they have been focusing on divorce and family law. Do they have experience with local judges? Are they familiar with provincial and federal divorce laws, including new legislation? When considering a divorce lawyer, they should have experience in negotiations, agreements, pleadings, and court orders.

2. How will I be charged?

Each law firm has a different way of billing clients for their services. Every divorce case is unique. Some are amicable and are quick to resolve. Others may involve conflict and need more time spent on them. After gathering the details of your case, the lawyer is likely to have an idea of whether they’re likely to find a quick resolution, or if the case may take longer to resolve. Of course, there are no guarantees, but at least you can start budgeting.

3. How can I get what I want from the divorce?

Every divorce is different. Your lawyer may be able to provide a guide of the steps they’ll take to help you get the best possible outcome. Try to outline your goals as clearly as possible. Your divorce lawyer should be able to explain the process of how you can achieve your goals or offer alternative legal options.

4. Can you help me get custody of my children?

Ask your divorce lawyer how they’ve navigated custody battles, the good, the bad and the ugly. Do they have experience in handling difficult situations, such as where one partner is refusing to agree on a plan? If your divorce is contested and more complicated, your divorce lawyer can help navigate custody issues and explain all options.

5. Have you worked on similar divorce cases?

Perhaps you sense that your divorce is going to be hard work. You and your partner can’t agree on anything. You want to ask your divorce lawyer if they’ve handled similar styles of cases. Do they have the resources to deal with complex matters and trials. To they have the staff to ensure that your file doesn’t get lost in the cracks.

6. What do I do next?

After the first consultation with a divorce lawyer, make sure you have a clear idea of what the next steps are. Should you close your joint bank account? Can you take the children to a different house? Can you ask for child support? An experienced divorce lawyer will advise you on these types of questions and so much more. They’ll guide how you can protect yourself, your assets and children.

We have family lawyers with experience and divorce knowledge; we let our expertise help our clients in navigating the process.

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