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Collaborative Family Law in Mississauga

Mississauga Collaborative Family Law

Collaboration allows the separating parties to work on a solution to their separation rather than having one imposed on them by a judge or arbiter. Our Mississauga Collaborative Lawyers are trained in Collaborative Family Law (CFL); a process committed to resolving your issues out of court.

Although not a novel concept, Collaborate Family Law allows the parties a voice in the process. Many people feel greatly more satisfied with their separation agreement, and in fact they tend to have less issues with their agreement as time goes on, when reached in the collaborative process.

Collaborative Family Law in Mississauga is no different than in other regions in that, for it to be successful, both parties must engage lawyers trained in CFL. These lawyers will not threaten court on whim. They are there to support, educate and advocate on behalf of their clients.

There is an old adage amongst family law lawyers; in litigation, we want both parties unhappy with the result because then we know that neither side made a mistake. Our Mississauga Collaborative Family Lawyers will work to make sure that both you and your spouse are happy with the result. Our collaborative lawyers will work with you and your professional team to ensure that options are generated that could not be accomplished in Court.

Make the call to Epstein & Associates and book your free initial consultation to determine which of our Mississauga Collaborative Family Lawyers is the right fit for you. We look forward to educating you on the collaborative process and guiding you through your separation.

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