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Divorce Lawyers Oshawa

Oshawa divorce lawyers

While divorce can often seem like a difficult and emotionally ridden process, the Oshawa Divorce Lawyers at Epstein & Associates will make your divorce proceeding as peaceful, efficient, and as easy-to-understand as possible. Epstein & Associates offers empathetic and non-judgmental legal advice and representation, putting you at ease with finalizing your divorce.

The Oshawa Divorce Lawyers at Epstein & Associates is devoted to facilitating the divorce process in an amicable and professional manner. While our lawyers work with a team of staff, including Family Law Clerks, legal assistants and associates, our Oshawa Divorce Lawyers strive to reach settlement on most divorce cases through alternative dispute resolution methods, like mediation and arbitration where possible, our divorce law lawyers are also highly experienced in complex litigation matters with over 125 years of combined family and divorce law experience.

Contact our reception desk today to book a free 30-minute consultation with one of our Oshawa divorce lawyers! We will be happy to answer your divorce law questions and point you towards the right direction.

The Oshawa divorce lawyers at Epstein & Associates have extensive experience in:

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