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How To Support Your Child When They Are Going Through A Divorce

Posted on December 16, 2019

Just like when they were little, when your child goes through something difficult or emotional, they may look to you for advice, guidance, and help.

While frequent calls and check-ins can go a long way when someone is struggling to keep their spirits up during a divorce, there are many other things to consider when supporting a child through what may be a tough time:

Connecting With Resources

Your child may come to you for advice on who to contact when it comes to their own children and custody and access, getting a reliable divorce lawyer, selling or buying a home, etc. Therefore, it may be a good idea to do some research of your own to prepare for this type of conversation.

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Children First Approach

As a grandparent, one of the best things you can do for your child during their divorce is to help care for and lend a helping hand, with their own children. Divorce can be very confusing for little ones, but going to Grandpa and Grandma’s house can be a fun and comfortable distraction when things get overwhelming or tough.

Food & Comfort

Separation can lead to a rough adjustment period and changes in routine; for some children, this may mean taking on household chores and cooking for example that they normally were not responsible for. Your child may look to you for tips and tricks on how to better balance their schedule for daily responsibilities and errands. During the first few weeks, they may appreciate a few home-cooked meals, or someone to help with the grocery purchase, or even a place to live for a while.

Be Careful With Language

Avoid saying things such as “I told you so” or “I never liked your spouse anyways”. Your child is going to be going through a lot of their own emotions, they need support, not more negativity.

This is especially true if grandchildren are involved. Try not to use negative language when speaking about a child’s mother or father while in the presence of your grandchildren.

Be Considerate

There are always two sides to every story, and you may only be hearing one. So, while you, of course, will want to support your child in every way you can, be mindful that their ex is still a human being.

Your in-law child was also a part of your family and someone whom you likely cared about. No one is perfect and it is common for both parties to have played a part in the breakdown of a marriage.

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