What time of year do Ontario divorces happen?

Time of year divorces

It’s no secret that divorce rates have risen over the past few decades. But is there any consistency to which time of year people file for divorces?

Whether it’s the result of added stress, the aftermath of family vacations or any number of other factors, here are some of the months that are most regularly associated with divorce.


There are a number of different studies on the subject, but most agree that there is a spike in divorce filings in January. The reason for this is often cited as being because people prefer to wait until after the holiday season to file.

Alternatively, it’s also possible that tension between family over the holidays acts as the tipping point and leads to a divorce being filed as soon as legal offices open again in the new year.

Third, some couples may be looking for a “fresh start” in the New Year, which could start by cutting ties with relationships that have soured.


Some studies identify March as a common month for divorces, driven by people who were ready to give their marriage another shot after New Years but who ultimately remained unhappy with their situation.

March could also be a common time for anyone who made the decision to divorce in the New Year but then needed a few months to hire a lawyer and to get their finances in order.


The third main month for divorce is August. This may be because of difficulties experienced over summer vacations, and may also be a way of working around the school schedule when kids are involved in the marriage.

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