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I want to get a divorce – but I am scared

A women who wants a divorce but is scared to go through with it

For some people, it can be difficult to end a relationship, even if it is causing unhappiness or if there are more significant concerns. Even a troubled relationship can give a sense of stability that isn’t easy to abandon.

Taking the steps to get a divorce certainly come with their fair share of emotional stress, but the option of working together with a family lawyer to end the marriage exists as a means of helping you to rediscover yourself and get a fresh start.

Protecting yourself

Some divorces happen simply because a couple falls out of love. And then there are some that unfortunately happen because one partner acts in an aggressive or abusive manner.

For your own wellbeing, it is important to escape a situation where your partner has been physically, verbally or mentally abusive. You can work together with your lawyer or the local law enforcement to make sure that you are protected after you make your decision to get a divorce.

Weigh your choices

In a relationship where you and your partner simply no longer love one another and want to go in separate directions, you need to evaluate the repercussions of applying for a divorce. The cost of creating a second household needs to be considered for example, as does the schooling for any children.

Ultimately, if you feel like you are in an unhappy situation that would be improved by getting a divorce, you need to recognize that a support structure exists to help you terminate the marriage.

Talk with a family lawyer

If you are nervous or scared to initiate a divorce to end your struggling marriage, it is a good idea to consult with a family lawyer about what is involved and so that you may gauge what to expect. Using a free consultation to get an idea of the process can help shed some light and maybe even remove some anxieties or worries that you are having.

To explore the idea of a divorce and you eliminate some of your fear of the unknown, talk with the family lawyers at Epstein & Associates today. Since 2005 we have helped countless people with finding their way and protecting their personal and legal interests.