Ontario Introduces New Easy-to-Understand Standard Lease

Landlord and tenant standard lease

Ontario has recently rolled out a new standard lease for use by landlords and tenants in various private and residential situations.

This new lease uses simple language to describe the agreement and also does a better job of clarifying the responsibilities of both parties. It also removes the landlord’s ability to deny tenants based on their number of guests or pets.

The new lease will be required for the majority of private residences by April 30, 2018. Note that it does not apply to supportive housing, retirement or nursing homes, commercial properties and various other non-residential uses.

The ultimate goal of the new lease is to add protection and predictability to a system that in the past could be modified by landlords to their advantage.

The benefit is still two-fold, however, as the clear regulations also will help homeowners who are renting out their property have a clearer understanding of their responsibilities and of the protections they are offered in case they deal with an unruly tenant.

For more information about this new standard lease, read more on the Government of Ontario website here: https://news.ontario.ca/mho/en/2018/02/ontario-introduces-new-easy-to-understand-standard-lease.html