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How the Current Real Estate Market and Economy Can Affect Separation

A lawyer shaking hands with a client while discussing who real estate affects separation

There are a lot of question marks floating around right now when you consider Canada’s current Real Estate Market and economy. Financial uncertainty can take a toll on couples in many different ways. It can naturally lead to more stress and challenges with one another, depending on the severity of the issue.

Too much uncertainty to separate?

However, recession actually tends to lead to a decline in the number of divorces and separations. The reason behind this comes back to finances – it can feel like an extreme risk to pursue a legal separation when there are no guarantees of a strong financial future. Some people may tolerate a relationship long past its breaking point because of this uncertainty.

Unfortunately, financial difficulties and a degrading relationship can be a recipe for continued problems down the road.

At some point, it becomes necessary to ask: Is uncertainty about finances enough of a reason to stay in an unsustainable relationship?

What is the cost of separation?

The challenge is that there are many preconceived notions about the cost of a separation. There are many ways to approach a legal separation, and they don’t necessarily have to end in courtroom battles that cost thousands of dollars.

Epstein & Associates is a law firm that can work with you to find a reasonable solution that is to your benefit in both the short and long term. We can explore all possible solutions in order to help ease your concerns.

Finding a solution that works for you

Collaborative Family Law, for example, is a more cooperative approach to separation. If you and your partner are looking to separate but don’t have any deep grudges or animosities, it can be a way to peacefully divide up assets and go two separate directions. Fewer demands and disputes mean that you can walk away with more in your pocket.

Visit our office today for a free consultation and to find out how you can move on in your life without breaking the bank.