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Understanding the Laws Around Child Support Payments in Ontario

Understanding how provincial law affects child support payments can help minimize confusion when parents are determining child support arrangements between each other. In Ontario, there are Child Support Guidelines that can serve as a basis to determine which approach should be taken.

Under the law in Ontario, child support payments are based on several considerations, including the Determination of annual income, insurance, residency status and others. The guidelines are there to ensure appropriate accommodations are set up for parents and caregivers in various situations.

Some standard questions that come up often regarding child support law in Ontario include:

  • How is child support calculated in Ontario?
  • What if I am self-employed or have a variable income?
  • Can child support be changed after it has been set?

How is child support calculated in Ontario? 

This is again, based on several factors. The calculation process involves establishing a baseline calculation derived from the Federal Child Support Guidelines:

  • the number of children;
  • the province or territory where the paying parent lives; and
  • the paying parent’s before tax annual income.

What if I am self-employed or have a variable income?

Again, these variables are addressed within the Child Support Guidelines. Self-employed and variable income earners may have different criteria to adhere to based on their respective situations.

Generally, the guidelines are set up to keep assessment fair and equitable given the unique circumstances of the child support situation.

Can child support be changed after it has been set?

Yes, child support payments can be modified as long as there are sufficient grounds to do so. Any modifications would also need to abide by the Child Support Guidelines in Ontario and meet the criteria for approval. It will also involve Bringing a consent motion to change child support as outlined by the Government of Ontario.

It is always recommended that you speak to a family lawyer about your specific rights in relation to child support payments. A lawyer can help provide individualized advice and answer any questions you may have about child support law in Ontario. Understanding the laws around child support payments in Ontario is essential for ensuring fair and responsible child support arrangements are put into place.

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