Top 10 Questions to Ask Lawyer About Divorce and Custody

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We will address the top ten questions that come across your mind, but we have put together a list of a couple of questions that might be beneficial to you in your first divorce and custody meeting.

5 Very Important Questions to Ask Lawyer About Divorce and Custody

What Are The Guidelines Regarding Communication With My Spouse?

Whether the separation is amicable, aggressive or very emotional the amount of communication between you and your partner should be determined after that first meeting with your lawyer. Remember, client/attorney privilege laws won’t protect you in circumstances that don’t involve your lawyer. Disclosing confidential information to your spouse could jeopardize your assets.  


Who Is Going To Be Working On My Case?

Your first meeting with a lawyer might be with a single person or multiple people, but do not be alarmed if you are told multiple people are working on your case. Different lawyers with ranging skill levels and experience will usually work on your case. Achieving a favourable ruling is a collaborative effort.  Typically work is driven to the person with the lowest hourly rate who can do the work that is necessary.  This may include: associates, clerks, assistants and students.


How Many Similar Cases Have Your Firm Brought Forward To Trial?

It’s one thing to be in court multiple times a week defending similar cases — it’s another to be in those settings and win.

Some divorce cases can be settled out of court, so there is not always a need for a trial. If you are facing a contested divorce and there is no agreement you need to be prepared for the possibility of going to court.

The moral of the story is to look for a law firm that has a balance of trial experience and being advocates in negotiations and settlements.


How Much Do You Think My Divorce Will Cost?

It is always important to talk about pricing right away. The more contested cases will be more expensive as more time and work goes into them.

For example, besides employing dedicated Family Law Clerks to assist with client files, Epstein & Associates also offers block fees for drafting documents and independent legal advice. Our Flat Fee for an uncontested divorce, for example, is $600 (plus HST and disbursements). 


How Do I Protect Myself & My Child Now?

Before you leave that first consultation, make sure you have a clear picture of what’s next.

Make sure you know what documentation you need from your spouse, from your personal records and how you will proceed. 

A lawyer can advise you on the ways to protect yourself and your assets. These can save you a lot of money and aggravation down the road, as your divorce proceeding continues.


5 Other Questions to Keep In Mind

These questions are related to communication with a lawyer in terms of availability and understanding their workload right now. 

  • Are you available via phone or email?
  • Do you have a heavy caseload? 
  • If I need to reach you, what is the best time of day?
  • Is there an associated cost to email conversations?
  • Will you have time to devote to my case?

Every case is different so be sure to also prepare some questions related to your case. Preparation is key as lawyer fees are usually at an hourly rate, so being extra prepared will get you the most bang for your buck. 

The divorce lawyers at Epstein & Associates each have different areas of the legal expertise;
contact our office for a free initial half-hour consultation to find the right lawyer for your divorce or separation.