Sarena Papis

Law Clerk

Sarena developed her passion and interest for law in high school where she zealously enrolled in every legal class that was offered.

Sarena later proceeded to attend the Law Clerk Program at Seneca College to broaden her knowledge of the law. After completion of the Law Clerk Program she joined Epstein & Associates where she is currently an Account and Law Clerk.

Sarena assists Mahvish Mian with her Family Law practice. She provides assistance to Ms. Mian in all aspects of client and file management, including the preparation of financial statements and financial disclosure, the drafting, service, and filing of Court materials, the drafting of domestic contracts, including Cohabitation Agreements, Marriage Contracts, and Separation Agreements, the scheduling of appointments and Court appearances and the day to day interaction with clients.  Sarena is also a Commissioner for Taking Oaths, appointed by the Province of Ontario.

Sarena has a comprehensive understanding of litigation and the negotiation process. She has worked extensively on a variety of family law and civil matters.  With this knowledge she also assists the firm with the administration of client accounts.

When she is not in the office she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.