Howard E. Warren

Counsel to the Firm - Mediator

Howard Warren graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts and proceeded to obtain his law degree from the University of Western Ontario.

Howard opened his own law practice in 1997 where he is a successful sole practitioner lawyer engaged in all aspects of litigation, primarily in family law. In 2009 Howard expanded his practice to include mediation and today he is one of a handful of people permitted by the Attorney General of Ontario to arbitrate matters.  Since commencing the practice of law in 1977 Howard has had a proven track record of success in assisting parties, both with and without counsel, in settling disputes; in addition to family law mediation, Mr. Warren has successfully mediated shareholder disputes, other commercial matters, civil matters and even Small Claims Court matters.

In 2010 Howard was appointed by the Senior Family Justice for Ontario and the Regional Senior Judge for Central East Region to sit on the first panel in York Region as a Dispute Resolution Officer to assist parties seeking to change a final Order of the Court in a family law matter. This experience has further increased his knowledge and understanding of family law.

Howard has over 35 years of experience handling all aspects of family law with a focus on mediations and arbitrations.  Howard brings all this experience to Epstein & Associates, as Mediation Counsel to the firm and part of the firm’s Mediation Department.