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The Landlord Tenant Board can be difficult to navigate. Our Landlord-Tenant Lawyers work exclusively with Landlords and are prepared to advise you on the myriad of legal issues that may arise in the Landlord and Tenant relationship. If you are a Landlord and feel that your rights are being violated, contact our reception for a free thirty-minute consultation with one of our experienced Landlord lawyers.

Mississauga Landlord & Tenant Lawyer Services

The Landlord Lawyers and Epstein & Associates can assist with the following:
• Personal Use Applications
• Quiet Enjoyment Issues
• Rent Arrears
• Rent Increases
• Landlord & Tenant Board Hearings
• Defense to Tenant Applications
• Evictions
• Illegal Acts
• Leases
• Litigation
• Mediation
• Persistent Late Payment
• Commercial Tenancies Act
• Residential Tenancies Act (RTA)
• Small Claims Court
• Subletting Issues
• All other legal matters relating to Landlord & Tenant Law and on behalf of Landlord
• Residential Landlord
• Tenant Law and Agreements
• Landlord & Tenant Disputes

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