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The relationship between Landlord and Tenant is a binding one and thus should involve experienced, learned legal advice.  Our Landlord-Tenant Lawyers work exclusively with Landlords and are prepared to advise landlords on the myriad of legal issues that may arise in the landlord and tenant relationship. Contact our reception for a free complimentary consultation with one of our Landlord lawyers.


Newmarket Landlord & Tenant Lawyer Services

The Landlord Lawyers and Epstein & Associates can assist with the following:
• Residential Landlord
• Tenant Law and Agreements
• Landlord & Tenant Disputes
• Landlord & Tenant Board Hearings
• Defense to Tenant Applications
• Evictions
• Illegal Acts
• Leases •Litigation
• Mediation
• Persistent Late Payment
• Personal Use Applications
• Quiet Enjoyment Issues
• Rent Arrears
• Rent Increases
• Commercial Tenancies Act
• Residential Tenancies Act (RTA)
• Small Claims Court •Subletting Issues
• All other legal matters relating to Landlord & Tenant Law and on behalf of Landlord


Meet our Landlord-Tenant Lawyers in Newmarket