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Recent Divorce Information Trends

You may be one of many people out there who is considering separating from their spouse or partner.  If you are, you should consider working with an Ontario divorce attorney.  A divorce lawyer can provide you with the guidance that you will need to get through your separation.  There are also quite a few divorce trends that are taking place in legal practice.

Decreasing Marriages Translates to Fewer Divorces

First, you might find it interesting that rates of divorce seem to be dropping in many countries.  It is true that the number of overall divorce cases have been gradually decreasing over the past decade.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean what you might expect.

There has also been a general decline in the number of marriages that have been occurring over the last decade as well.  With fewer overall marriages, there will be fewer marriages that can be terminated by divorce.  These trends have been slowly driving down both marriage and divorce rates over the past few years. 

It also means that there is an increase in common law relationships which also require legal expertise in the event of a legal separation. These situations are similar to a divorce, but there some differences with respect to the division of property.

Increasing Grey Divorces

You may be surprised to learn about the new phenomenon known as “grey divorces.”  Defined when couples over the age of 60 decide to end their marriage; although this did not occur very often a couple generations ago, it is becoming more frequent these days.  

After children have grown and left the nest, couples may realize that they have grown apart.  Some older couples may be thinking about whether divorce is the right option for them.  They might want to do some research into divorce and whether marriage contracts are appropriate for their situation.  Information like this is available to them online but it would be prudent for any “grey” partner or spouse to contact a divorce attorney to learn more about separation.

Divorces Typically Initiated by Women

Some estimates indicate that two thirds of divorces have been initiated by the woman in the relationship.  Some experts think that this may be because women are more financially independent than they have been historically.  Having their own career and income stream allows them to decide whether they can afford to leave a relationship. This may give some women the confidence that they may need to start the process that will lead to separation and divorce.

Finally, don’t be afraid to make your own decisions independent of these statistics. Though these trends may influence some people, only you can decide whether it is the best option for you. There are many different mitigating factors to consider if you want to start proceedings to separate from your spouse or partner. Make sure that you are ready to deal with some of the challenges that this may present to you.

If you need guidance through a marital or common law separation, you might be interested in talking to a divorce attorney located in Newmarket, Richmond Hill or the Toronto area.  

Epstein & Associates focuses on family law and provide complimentary half-hour initial consultations for you to discuss your circumstances and learn more about what you are entitled to.