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Is Collaborative divorce the right approach for me?

Collaborative family law is an effective approach to creating a win-win settlement

If you are hoping to maintain a civilized separation and use an approach that will help minimize the hostility associated with divorce then yes, collaborative divorce is right for you.

Negotiated divorce such as collaborative divorce can save separating partners time, money and additional emotional stress. Divorce proceedings and litigation can be uncertain and frustrating – more time, more money, plus the added strain of contending with the court system.

Collaborative divorce helps couples handle their Ontario divorce process with integrity and civility. The common goal of this approach is to find an honest and respectful agreement that will specify child custody, spousal support, and division of financial assets and division of debt. Collaborative divorce allows partners to resolve family disputes without using the court system.

Clients start by signing an agreement that commits partners to the collaborative divorce approach through the use of cooperative dialogue. Through mediated discussions both parties and their respective counsel aim to negotiate a win-win separation solution.  Meetings between parties are a creative effort to brainstorm and implement optimal family decisions while avoiding the looming threats of litigation. Other experts may be retained such as registered financial planners, psychologists, therapists and or parenting coordinators to help assist productive and positive meetings between parties.  

Are you and your spouse on speaking terms? Do you want to get the details of divorce settlement solidified quickly and without going to court? Do you want to minimize attorney costs and litigation fees while keeping children at the forefront of the decision making process?

Collaborative family lawyers at Epstein & Associates are here to help both parties through the emotional uncoupling transition. The dissolution of a marriage is never easy.  We offer expert legal support guided by compassion to help both you and your partner reach a mutually-beneficial separation agreement that works for your family.

Additionally, Epstein & Associates now offers divorce support guides that are available for free download. In this guide clients will find pertinent information about collaborative divorce, common questions about collaborative family law, helping your children through the divorce, planning fair negotiations and getting the process started.

Family lawyers at Epstein & Associates are uniquely trained to offer collaborative divorce as a method of resolving disputes with civility and without going to court. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. Your divorce can be settled in a dignified manner.