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How to Have a Dignified Divorce

Is Collaborative Divorce The Right Way To Go?

Divorce time does not necessarily mean war time. Despite the depth of the differences that might have forced you to end your relationship, you still deserve a dignified separation. If you are an Ontario resident, you can consult a divorce lawyer who will help you to work through the issues you need resolved so that you can end your marriage in a cost effective yet amicable way.

How Collaborative Divorce Works

The collaborative divorce process, provides you with an alternative route to resolve issues related to your divorce without going the adversarial route. The separating parties meet together, with their collaboratively trained lawyers to navigate through the legal and financial information together.  This helps alleviate things being lost in translation so to speak.  It also helps you to critically understand the emotional and psychological aspects of carrying on with and through the divorce process. Typically, collaborative divorce focuses on lessening hostility, increasing communication and promoting amicability to help you move on into the future as smoothly as possible. You don’t need to worry about lengthy and sometimes bureaucratic court procedures either as you are empowered by the process to dictate the time it will take to arrive at a fair and neutral agreement.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Neutral and highly flexible

By working with a seasoned collaborative family lawyer, you can rest assured that every effort will be made to preserve a respectful relationship with your ex-partner. Collaborative divorce creates a cooperative environment where particular needs and interests can be heard and met. Unlike in a typical court case, collaborative family law provides much-needed flexibility to craft an agreement that is outside the box and reflects the interests of both parties. Simply put, collaborative family law allows the parties to create their own agreement with emotional support and legal guidance.

Gives you more control over the final decision

As compared to traditional separation, this type of negotiation puts the control in your hands.  Often in court-based negotiations, the judge is unable to delve deeper into the finer details and nuances of the situation at hand.  In the collaborative process, the decision-making power is squarely on the two parties; meaning you can arrive at an agreement that is complete, satisfactory and beneficial to both of you – and most importantly any children involved.

Timely justice

Time is an important factor in settling a family law case. Unfortunately, going to court means dealing with delays that are out of the parties’ (and their lawyers’) control.  Justice delayed is justice denied.

The best way to get a quick divorce and/or separation agreement is by consulting a reputed family law lawyer in Ontario. We will help you terminate your relationship safely and within an optimal time-frame. This, by extension, translates to greater peace of mind, less hassles and most importantly, more savings on costs.

Studies have shown that the standard adversarial method of using two lawyers escalates the total cost of a divorce compared to using the collaborative approach. These studies have also shown that those who opt for a mediated or collaborative approach are more likely to end up satisfied with the final outcome and move one with less hostility and ill-will against each other.

You cannot afford to compromise on your personal dignity when seeking a divorce.  We therefore recommend talking to a collaborative divorce lawyer at Epstein & Associates for a comprehensive and respectable way out. All the best!