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How to Handle Divorce When Pregnant

pregnant couple quarreling / getting a divorce

Pregnancy is supposed to be a very exciting and beautiful time for you and your partner. But what if instead of painting your baby’s room and buying baby clothes, you’re finding a new place to live and choosing a lawyer for your divorce case? 

We know it is an awful situation that would create a lot of stress and anxiety, but what if we told you that you aren’t alone. 

Here at Epstein and Associates, we are experts in divorce law and are more than ready to fight for you and your child, so you can focus on your emotional and physical well-being and that of your child.

Read on to learn about how to handle divorce during pregnancy.

Think of Your Health & Happiness

It should come as no surprise that the divorce process can have its ups and downs, but it is imperative that you take care of yourself, not just for you but for your child. 

The best person to know what is good for your body is you and your doctor, but we have developed some tips for keeping your mental spirits high through your divorce case:

  • Have a Support System: spending time with friends, whether it be socially distant visits or Facetime, to discuss the challenges you are facing with people you can trust, will be very important to stay mentally fit. 
  • Activities: give yourself some time to schedule low-impact activities that you enjoy, to get your mind off of what is going on in your life. Anything that will lift your spirits and create a more positive day-to-day life is exactly what you want to make time for. 

Think Ahead: Parenting Agreements

Now that you have a plan to keep yourself happy and composed, you must also develop a plan for your child. Typically, your ex has the right and responsibility to be involved in the baby’s life. So in addition to negotiating the terms of your divorce, the two of you need to work out a parenting agreement.

Parenting agreements will decide, where the child lives, how long the child stays with each parent, visitation rights and overall parental responsibilities. If it is determined that there is one custodial parent, then the other parent will most likely be paying some sort of child support. In most cases where there is shared parenting support is also paid, so these are important things to consider.

This should be discussed and addressed with your lawyer to determine the most appropriate plan that fits your needs. 

Legal Rights & Trusted Experts

You are monitoring and making decisions not just for one person anymore and we take the role of being your legal counsel very seriously to ensure that you and your child are safe and taken care of. 

As we are an experienced family law firm, we will be able to give you the facts, navigate the divorce proceedings and work tirelessly to protect the rights of your family.


Here at Epstein & Associates, we know how important child custody and access cases are and want to make sure that you and your child feel heard and supported throughout. 

Please feel free to contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation and speak with one of our lawyers to see how we can assist you today.