How The Internet Is Impacting Your Divorce

How The Internet Is Impacting Your Divorce

In today’s society recognizing that while technology and social media are powerful tools that can help in the divorce process, they can also interfere with it. The pervasiveness of technology and social media impact our everyday lives and something as personal as divorce proceedings are no exception.

Technology Used as Evidence 

It is interesting to see the change in the evidence presented in divorce cases in the age of technology. Gone are the handwritten notes and more or less he said/she said and instead there is a shift to social media posts, emails, online messengers and text messages. 

Although not all evidence comes from these sources it has become far easier to incriminate your spouse as everything that is published online can be tracked. Whether it be voice recording devices, video cameras, or doorbell recorders there is a lot of opportunities for technology to be a crucial part of your divorce case. 

Once you have captured this information becomes additional leverage used in a case. 

Google is Creating Confusion

Couples today can readily and easily find all kinds of information on divorce proceedings, divorce orders, support and property rights, as well as, general family law cases and court proceedings with a simple click of a button. Although there is a lot of great information that can be found on Google, it sometimes leads to more confusion and backlash between a lawyer and their client. 

Laws defer between each province, territory and country, therefore the best person to gain a better understanding of the laws in your province is a lawyer in the said province. Because lawyers practising family law know the ins and outs of the divorce process, their experience and expertise cannot be replaced by information found online.

If you do decide to Google make sure the site you are on is located in the province you are filing your case in — the provincial government’s website, as well as, the courts site can also be used as a tool for further understanding. 

Even though a large majority of people turn to Google for advice, for important life decisions like divorce it is crucial to seek guidance from a divorce lawyer. We always say, there are many “simple” things people won’t do with only the knowledge they gain from researching online; if you wouldn’t fix a household appliance, or change the oil in your car, than why wouldn’t you seek a professional’s advice for what may be the single biggest decision made in your life?

Here at Epstein and Associates we take the guessing out of the equation and give you real answers to all the questions you might have. For a free 30-minute consultation please feel free to contact us and let us get you the right path to easing your frustrations and achieving your goals.