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How can Collaborative Family Law help you achieve an amicable divorce?

Emotional support meets legal guidance Divorce.  Just the word itself conjures negative connotations; bitter custody battles, financial disputes, lengthy litigation and emotions ranging from fear to anger. In essence, a bitter divorce trial can pose as the battleground for your legal rights; child support, spousal support, visitation rights, and the division of property.

The only viable option may seem to be the treacherous path to the Ontario court system. And then the research; How do you get an Ontario divorce? What’s the divorce process in Canada? Where do I get solid divorce information or separation advice? How can I do this without the children suffering? Things can get confrontational, but only if you let them.

Collaborative divorce is an option offered at Epstein & Associates that does not involve contending with the courts. Collaborative Family Law helps spouses reach a divorce settlement using successful negotiation techniques to reach a mutually beneficial outcome. This approach focuses on lessening resentment and promoting harmony and cooperation between spouses so that a win-win solution can be reached quicker than traditional litigation.

The Collaborative Law process is initiated by all parties entering a participation agreement, committing spouses to the collaborative divorce process in turn, eliminating the threat of the court system. Areas requiring negotiation are addressed in joint meetings with each spouse and their respective counsel which may also include financial planners, therapists as well as other support professionals to aid in the separation settlement and family transition. In the commitment to resolving a divorce without the courts, the decision-making power ends up being in the hands of each spouse ensuring that the crafted agreement is suitable to both partners – and more importantly your children.

Where can you seek reputable divorce information that can help your children cope with divorce, and how you can offer support? Recently Epstein & Associates added practical Divorce and Separation Guides available for free download.  Each guide is tailored to address a different aspect of Ontario divorce protocol. The guides are user-friendly, walking you through what you need to know before embarking on the process of legally dissolving a relationship.

The Collaborative Family Law Lawyers at Epstein & Associates will help determine if Collaborative Divorce is a suitable process for your particular circumstances. Contact us today for a free consultation.