How a lawyer can help your company collect unpaid invoices

Lawyer helping collect unpaid invoices

Every small business has to deal with the nuisance of clients who don’t pay the bills. Regardless of the reason behind it, missing out on important additions to your company’s cash flow can have troublesome consequences.

For this reason, small businesses should know how and when they can work with a commercial lawyer to get invoices paid through legal action.

Collection Services

For a business owner, specifically one who is heavily involved in operations, there simply may not be enough free time to follow up with or track down clients who are skipping out on payment.

In these situations, your lawyer can offer a collections service and take on the task of following up with customers. All options (excluding collections over $25,000.00) can be set up on a fixed billing model so you are fully aware of your anticipated legal costs.

Demand Payment

If you want to be involved in the collection process then you can create and send a letter that demands payment.

This will be a formal request that explains the terms and also gives the opposite party the opportunity to come up with potential alternatives.

File a Lawsuit

If you still aren’t able to get an answer or full payment, you also have the option to file a lawsuit in court. The specific type of lawsuit and where it needs to be filed can vary, so it is best to talk to your lawyer to find out what the best approach is for your unique case.

Before you dive into this, it’s important to take some time to decide whether the cost and effort involved will be worth it in the end. Chasing after a very small invoice or trying to negotiate with a company that is going bankrupt probably isn’t worth your time and you can rely on a legal collections service to take care of it for you.

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