What happens if someone is caught in a lie during a divorce case?

A man crossed his fingers behind his back while telling a lie in his divorce case

When the stakes are high, some people going through a divorce might be tempted to bend the truth a little bit – or even say an outright lie. Whether it is done to try to gain an advantage, or to protect oneself from a damaging fact, getting caught in a lie has some negative implications that can hinder your chances of getting the result you want.

Lying? Or just remembering incorrectly?

Part of the trick of assessing the penalty for a lie is in determining whether it was malicious – or simply a mistaken detail. Our memory can play tricks on us, and different people will also have different interpretations of the same event. It is up to the judge to discern the intention behind the statement and whether it was done intentionally to gain an advantage or for malicious purposes.

Ultimately, getting caught in a lie will be costly to your credibility (trustworthy by the judge). A serious lie may result in monetary fines, having part of your case thrown out, or even criminal charges if you were lying while under oath.

Discovering a Lie after the Case

Finding a fair solution is tricky if a lie is discovered after a case has been closed. Depending on how long after the fact it may be difficult to reverse the decisions that have been made. For example, if a disputed piece of property has already been sold to a third party it may not be possible to get it back.

With that in mind, being able to prove that the opposing party lied and that it affected the outcome of the case may entitle you to some reimbursement or compensation. Be aware that you may have a limited amount of time to file a complaint about a lie after the case has ended.

In all situations, it is best to make sure you work closely together with a Family Lawyer to have a realistic and thoughtful approach to your case. Your legal representative can give you the ins and outs of each step of the process – and will be a valuable ally by your side.