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Should I get a Male or a Female Lawyer?

Should I get a Male or a Female Lawyer?

When facing an impending divorce, you quickly come across a lot of different opinions about how you can get an advantage in your case based on the type of attorney you hire.

Stereotypes suggest that a man can hire a female lawyer to “soften” his arguments, or that a male lawyer will have a more “aggressive” attack that could be used to intimidate and overcome the opposition.

These stereotypes rarely hold up in real life, however. A lawyer’s aggressiveness or other tactics depend much more on their personality than on their gender. Same thing goes with their sense of organization, responsiveness and more.

A judge or mediator is going to be looking for a well-prepared and well-argued case. That’s what carries the most weight.

How do I find the right Lawyer for my case?

There isn’t one type of lawyer that perfectly fits every situation. What matters is that you find a lawyer who is experienced, competent and has a special interest in your case.

This is why it is so important to take the time to get to know your lawyer during your initial consultation. Get to know his/her qualities, experience and specialties to confirm that you are a good fit.

One important point is that you will need to be comfortable speaking to your lawyer about all the details of your separation. It is necessary that you can be open and honest with your attorney, so take that into consideration.

But most of all, you need a Lawyer who you can work with. Your situation may require the services of a lawyer who fights tooth and nail for what is yours, or you might need a more peaceful, cooperative personality. Make sure your lawyer’s strength match your case and that at the end of the day, that the lawyer can act in different roles when required.

No two divorces are exactly alike. When you commit to a lawyer, you’ll want to be sure that they are a professional whom you can work with and trust.

In the end, your divorce lawyer is working on your behalf, regardless of anything else. They should be relied on to provide expert legal services right until your case is concluded.