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How Epstein & Associates can help you with Debt Collection

A folder of uncollecting debts, waiting for a lawyer who can follow up on them

Debt collection can be a tiresome and detailed process that distracts you from the other demands of your business. Even though successful debt collection ultimately results in recovering funds, the extensive time required to do so can be detrimental in terms of wasting your business’s resources.

Hiring a legal team to manage your debt collection is a valuable alternative to working through the process on your own. This gives you access to legal knowledge that can immediately be focused on getting your money back in a cost-effective manner.

Epstein & Associates is able to assist with debt collection, whether you are a small or large business and regardless of the amount you are seeking to recover.

How the accounts receivable lawyers at Epstein and Associates can help

By aligning with a legal team like Epstein & Associates, you can expect to see your claims recovered more quickly and with considerably less work on your part.

Epstein Lawyers can help with all of your debt collection requirements, including resolving Small Claims Court cases.  We are able to assist with completing all required paperwork and can even attend court on your behalf.

We have a Simplified Procedure that helps us to quickly manage and collect on claims ranging from $25,001 up to $75,000 in addition to Small Claims Court.  We will set up a legal team to work on your specific needs.

For claims over $75,000, Epstein Lawyers can take the case to Superior Court for resolution. Once again, we are able to capably manage the process, leaving you free to pursue your own goals and objectives without added distractions.

If you are interested in taking debt collection responsibilities off of your plate, contact Epstein & Associates today to get a sense of how we can do the work for you. Our experienced team is familiar with all the necessary procedures and requirements, which can give you peace-of-mind and confidence that the task will be accomplished.