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Divorced Parents Disagrees About the COVID-19 Vaccine

child vaccinations

There is a lot of disagreement about vaccination for children and the argument between the parents with differing views is not new. Saskatoon Court has recently ruled that the 13-year-old child of divorced parents should be vaccinated against COVID-19, despite legal opposition from the girl’s mother.


In or around May, the father brought an application in the Saskatoon’s Court of Queen’s Bench seeking a ruling that her daughter should get vaccinated. The parents involved in the case divorced many years ago. The father stated that earlier, his daughter wanted to get vaccinated but because of the false information provided by her mother and his parents, she changed her mind. The mother alleged that the father has been punitive to the daughter by enforcing COVID-19 protocols, including the use of a sanitation station, online schooling and testing for COVID-19 if symptoms are shown, as well as limiting non-family members in the house and contact with unvaccinated people.


Justice Megaw reviewed the submission from both parents, including affidavits from doctors supporting either side and ruled in favour of the father.  He opined that the paternal grandparents are opposed to vaccinations for COVID-19 and have been in contact with and, seemingly working with, the mother. He expressed his concern over how much the daughter has been influenced for not taking the vaccine.

In the judgment, Justice Michael Megaw wrote that the mother expressed views challenging “the prevailing wisdom surrounding all of the health concerns arising from COVID-19,” including skepticism about the seriousness of the pandemic and a view that the Pfizer-BioNTech is experimental and dangerous. 

Justice Megaw decided it is in the best interest of the daughter to be protected against COVID-19 and that the father is entitled to arrange for the daughter’s vaccination without the consent of the mother, but in consultation with the girl’s doctor.