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What is the cost of a family law dispute in Ontario?

A couple thinking about the cost for getting a lawyer to resolve their family law dispute

One of the first things that people who are going through a separation or divorce will naturally think is: How much is this going to cost me?

Lawyers may offer flat fees for simple or uncontested divorces, but with more complications, the more you can expect to pay in order to make sure your interests are represented.

What can I expect for a basic, uncontested divorce?

At Epstein & Associates, our flat fee for an uncontested divorce as of May 2017 is $600.00, plus HST and disbursements. Typically this amounts to a total of approximately $1,300.00.  The more wrinkles and complications there are, the more this price will need to be modified in order to address the extra workload, legal knowledge and resources required.

Are you looking to go to trial?

This is where the cost of a family law dispute balloons. Movies and television can make a courtroom battle seem glamorous or even necessary in order to make sure that you “win” your divorce.  However, a more peaceful resolution is becoming more and more common through a collaborative approach to family law; mediation and/or arbitration..

Mediation and Collaborative Family Law

The deeper the rift between a separating couple, the longer it will take to come to a settlement. For relationships that have ended without any strong animosity, it might be possible to cut extended costs by entering mediation, or a collaborative family lawyer.

These approaches rely on working together with each other, a legal team, and possibly a mediator to hammer out a mutually beneficial resolution. When both parties are agreeable and reasonable, it can be possible to shorten the amount of back-and-forth required, which also saves on the bottom line.

Every case is unique

Ultimately, costs are going vary depending on the complexities involved in each unique case. To get an idea of what you should expect, the best place to start is by calling your local lawyer for a free initial consultation. Bring along all the information about your situation that they will need to get a good handle on what will be required.