Is it complicated to change your name after a divorce?

A woman writing a form to change her name after her divorce

For many women who get married, it is still common to legally take on their new husband’s last name.

However, when the marriage ends many want to revert back to their maiden name to break off any association or reminder of an emotionally turbulent situation or their ex.

Fortunately, the process of changing your last name following a divorce is fairly straight-forward and can be done quite quickly. You can even put the wheels in motion for a name change before the divorce is finalized.

What to do

You will need to get your government-issued identification updated at your local government service centre. Bring along your birth certificate or citizenship papers to prove your identity.

After you have applied to change your name you will need to go through all other accounts and identification you have so that you don’t have issues later with trying to prove your identity.

Are there any deadlines that I need to consider?

You don’t need to worry about racing to a government service centre immediately after deciding to get a divorce – there are no time constraints or deadlines in effect.

You can even choose to update your name before the divorce is finalized, or you can wait until years later.

If you have any more questions about what is involved in changing your name, simply visit Epstein & Associates, your local Family Lawyer, where you can get valuable information and helpful advice to help guide you smoothly through your divorce.