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Collaborative law as an option

If you are going through a separation with your spouse in Ontario, both of you are most likely dealing with strong emotions. In the midst of everything, you still need to make important decisions, including how to divide your property, whether one of you will need support from the other and who your children will live with and when they will visit the other parent.
Separations and divorces are rarely easy for those going through them. You may wish you could resolve all of the issues peacefully so that you and your ex are able to emerge relatively unscathed. If you have children, you probably want to be able to get along to make certain they are happy and well-adjusted. If you would rather reach an agreement and avoid fighting in court, it may be possible. Ontario allows for a process called collaborative family law.
If you opt to try this approach, you and your partner will sit down together, along with your lawyers. You will sign an agreement to participate in a negotiation. Then, all of you will work together to try to craft an agreement that is fair and just for both of you. If you are able to reach an agreement through the collaborative family law process, the agreement will become the order of the court, and you will not be required to proceed to litigation.
This form of alternative dispute resolution does not work for all people, but for many, it is a terrific alternative to the expensive and sometimes ugly litigation in court. Our collaborative family law lawyers are strong negotiators and have experience in helping people set their differences aside in order to reach an agreement. For more information, you may wish to review our page on collaborative family law.