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Collaborative Family Law as an Option for a Dignified Exit Strategy

A mediated option of resolving disputes, saving costs and achieving higher satisfaction with the outcome of divorce 

The Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) released its final report in its family law project on Monday, July 22, 2013. The press release concluded that since 2010 there have been several reforms to improve family law procedures however, individuals who are facing family disputes are still finding the system complex and difficult to navigate. Methods of “resolving disputes other than in the courtremain a topic of family law subject to procedural changes.

Family lawyers at Epstein & Associates are uniquely trained to offer collaborative divorce as a method of resolving disputes with civility and without going to court. This separation solution promotes respect, minimizes hostility, prioritizes the needs of children and helps both parties come to agreement about the details of their divorce and or separation. The goal of this approach is to encourage cooperation so both parties negotiate a viable agreement through mediated discussions with both parties present, with their respective counsel.

In addition, other experts, including financial planners and or parenting coordinators, may participate in the process to assist the parties.  The chosen facilitators will guide face-to-face meetings; monitoring all discussion related to separation and divorce while ensuring the interests of both parties are fairly met.

Mark A. Epstein, principle lawyer at Epstein & Associates states, “Collaborative family law is a unique process which allows parties to work outside the box.  Collaborative family law allows the parties to stay in the driver seat and ensure that their individual interests are being met.  Sometimes what the Court would recommend is not something either party really wants.” The court process that is associated with separation is expensive, lengthy and emotionally draining.  Separation is often adversarial and forces parties against one another in a confrontational manner.  By choosing collaborative family law, further emotional or financial stress can be avoided.

At Epstein & Associates we help bridge the differences between parties and offer safe and mediated support until a mutually beneficial agreement is reached.   Our focus is family law.  An overwhelming majority of Family Court matters settle before trial – why not start with a premise of settlement without the threat of court and choose collaborative family law?