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Divorce & Separation

A parent and child hold hands while going through a child custody case

Sole vs. Joint vs. Shared Custody

After separation or divorce in a relationship that involves children, there are several options for how the children will get to continue to live and interact with both parents. Ultimately,

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How to transfer custody of a child following a divorce

How to Transfer Custody of a Child

Following a separation or divorce, it may happen that the parents decide to transfer custody of their child or children. There could be many reasons for why the parents agree

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Calculating income for child support

Ontario residents who will be paying child support or whose incomes need to be reported for purposes of child support calculation must determine their annual disposable income. This amount, which

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How is spousal support enforced?

When spousal support payments are required as part of a divorce settlement or separation agreement in Ontario, the court will inform the Family Responsibility Office of these arrangements. The FRO

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Property division in Ontario

When a married or common-law couple chooses to end their relationship, property division laws determine how assets will be divided following a breakup or divorce.   Both debts and assets

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Help for women during divorce

While divorce is often difficult for most Ontario individuals, it can be harder on women. Women may have financial difficulty during the divorce process because they may not have their

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Laws regarding divorce and separation

For all couples, including those who reside in Ontario, divorce can be a complicated web of laws involving federal, provincial and territorial statutes. Provincial or territorial laws can create a

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Grieving the Grey Divorce

With the trend of grey divorce rising in Canada, adult children of long-time married couples are frequently shocked and unprepared for the news of their parents divorcing and separating. Adult

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Collaborative law as an option

If you are going through a separation with your spouse in Ontario, both of you are most likely dealing with strong emotions. In the midst of everything, you still need

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Child support in Ontario

Couples in Ontario who are separating or divorcing may wonder how child support is assessed. In fact, it can be complex because it is not necessarily only biological parents who

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