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Child & Spousal Support

Do you need a Lawyer for Family Court?

Family courts in Ontario hear a variety of disputes all of which can be emotionally and psychologically stressful. Cases are complex and can place a large burden on individuals disputing

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New Initiative: Digital Court Systems

Ontario is planning to introduce a digital court system that will allow people to access court information from anywhere, and file documents and pay fees online. Attorney General Doug Downey

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Child covering ears while parents fight

Child Custody & The Holiday Season

Coordinating Child Custody During Holidays Co-parenting during the holidays can be difficult as holiday celebrations produce some of the most treasured memories your child can have. For this reason, we

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How is Retroactive Child Support Paid?

The law states that parents are responsible for financially supporting their dependent children. If a couple separates or a marriage breaks down, regardless, child support may need to be paid

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What is a parenting plan

What is a Parenting Plan?

A Parenting Plan is a document that can be agreed and drawn up by two parents who are separating or going through a divorce and it usually covers all aspects

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Calculating income for child support

Ontario residents who will be paying child support or whose incomes need to be reported for purposes of child support calculation must determine their annual disposable income. This amount, which

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How is spousal support enforced?

When spousal support payments are required as part of a divorce settlement or separation agreement in Ontario, the court will inform the Family Responsibility Office of these arrangements. The FRO

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Child support in Ontario

Couples in Ontario who are separating or divorcing may wonder how child support is assessed. In fact, it can be complex because it is not necessarily only biological parents who

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