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Help for women during divorce

While divorce is often difficult for most Ontario individuals, it can be harder on women. Women may have financial difficulty during the divorce process because they may not have their

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Grieving the Grey Divorce

With the trend of grey divorce rising in Canada, adult children of long-time married couples are frequently shocked and unprepared for the news of their parents divorcing and separating. Adult

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Epstein & Associates is proud to announce the opening of its new office in BARRIE, ON Effective February 1, 2014 we will be available to assist clients at 115 Collier

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Collaborative law as an option

If you are going through a separation with your spouse in Ontario, both of you are most likely dealing with strong emotions. In the midst of everything, you still need

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Child support in Ontario

Couples in Ontario who are separating or divorcing may wonder how child support is assessed. In fact, it can be complex because it is not necessarily only biological parents who

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Why craft a cohabitation agreement?

Keeping your assets protected in a common-law relationship Over the past decade, divorce trends have been decreasing worldwide. Despite a growing Canadian population overall, fewer marriages and more cohabitation is

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Toronto mediation vs. collaborative law

”How long?” and “how much?” are two questions that are often at the forefront of any divorce-oriented thought process, particularly when separating spouses attempt to resolve such issues as property

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