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A separation agreement being torn up after being invalidated
Divorce & Separation

What Can Invalidate a Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement is a contract that determines rights and responsibilities for separating spouses. It is a legally-binding contract and both partners must adhere to the conditions within it. However,

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How to transfer custody of a child following a divorce
Child Custody & Access

How to Transfer Custody of a Child

Following a separation or divorce, it may happen that the parents decide to transfer custody of their child or children. There could be many reasons for why the parents agree

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Learn More About the Principle Residence Exemption from Epstein & Associates
Real Estate Law

The Principle-Residence Exemption

What is the Principle-Residence Exemption? The Principle-Residence Exemption (PRE) has long been used by Canadians to avoid paying tax on capital gains arising from the sale of a primary residence.

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New Barrie Family Lawyer

Epstein & Associates is proud to announce that Dr. Brett Degoldi is joining our Barrie office to head up the Family Law department in Barrie, Ontario. Dr. Degoldi had practiced

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Calculating income for child support

Ontario residents who will be paying child support or whose incomes need to be reported for purposes of child support calculation must determine their annual disposable income. This amount, which

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How is spousal support enforced?

When spousal support payments are required as part of a divorce settlement or separation agreement in Ontario, the court will inform the Family Responsibility Office of these arrangements. The FRO

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Property division in Ontario

When a married or common-law couple chooses to end their relationship, property division laws determine how assets will be divided following a breakup or divorce.   Both debts and assets

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