A divorcing couple in divorce mediation
Divorce & Separation

What to expect in Divorce Mediation

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that you won’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with your ex when you start hammering out the terms of your divorce settlement. There are a

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Marital Contracts & Agreements

Should I get a prenup?

When you consider all the details that a newly engaged or married couple needs to take care of, signing a prenup certainly doesn’t rate as one of the most glamorous

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A drug user going through a divorce because of their substance abuse
Divorce & Separation

Substance Abuse and Divorce

A substance abuse issue can severely impact a relationship and could even be the primary cause of a divorce or separation. Someone who has become an addict may take on

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A couple sits on the beach and considers collaborative divorce
Collaborative Family Law

What are the Benefits of Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is an approach to divorce whereby both parties agree to work together, with two collaboratively trained lawyers (and sometimes third party professionals as well) to find a mutually-agreeable

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A child shows symptoms of parental alienation to their divorce parent
Child Protection

What is Parental Alienation?

Unfortunately, children can have some very negative experiences in some divorce cases. From younger children who may not understand why their parents are fighting, to older children who feel like

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A parent and child hold hands while going through a child custody case
Child Custody & Access

Sole vs. Joint vs. Shared Custody

After separation or divorce in a relationship that involves children, there are several options for how the children will get to continue to live and interact with both parents. Ultimately,

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A separation agreement being torn up after being invalidated
Divorce & Separation

What Can Invalidate a Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement is a contract that determines rights and responsibilities for separating spouses. It is a legally-binding contract and both partners must adhere to the conditions within it. However,

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