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Barrie, Ontario is ranked the 3rd most desirable city to buy real estate in Canada

Let Barrie real estate lawyers at Epstein & Associates help you close the deal

Earlier this month, MoneySense Magazine released a report of the top cities to buy real estate in Canada. Based on value, momentum in the marketplace, the economy and rental income potential, Barrie, Ontario ranked in the top 10. The report considered a number of elements including average home price, the time to buy, and the average 5-year appreciation and 5-year rent increases. Barrie ranked 3rd out of 35 other Canadian cities.

Housing Market Peaking

According to an article in the Barrie Examiner, not only is the housing market peaking in Barrie with first-time buyers enjoying low interest rates, but also with investors who are keen to cash in on rental properties with low interest rates, which yield a great return on investment. With the steep price of real estate in Toronto and homes selling for $1 million or more, the city of Barrie continues to grow more and more appealing, although expert real estate sources say that the city needs to diversify and build new neighbourhoods to maintain the healthy buying and rental market.

Buying and rental opportunities in Barrie are high in demand but the Barrie real estate lawyers at Epstein & Associates are here to help you close the deal on your ideal home in Barrie. Maybe you are looking to escape the big city lifestyle and relocate? Or you’re ready to find a home to raise a family? Our expert team of real estate lawyers in Barrie have you covered.

The Biggest Transaction a Family will Make

Purchasing a home is one the biggest transactions that a person, or family will make. Your Barrie real estate agent can help you with many tasks in preparation for purchasing a home, however, the legal power of a Barrie real estate lawyer will compile the home purchase papers and close the deal on your Barrie dream home. Hiring the right real estate lawyer in Barrie to complete these legal tasks will save you stress, time and money and ensure that your rights and interests are protected from the start.

So, whether you are ready to retire in a comfortable bungalow or looking for for a condo close to the lakefront, our qualified real estate lawyers at Epstein & Associates have extensive experience closing real estate deals, from initial transactions to closing. We have excellent all-inclusive flat fees for Barrie real estate including; home purchase, new condo purchase, resale condo purchase, mortgages and sale of property as well sale and purchase, spousal and simple transfer or simple refinance.

We serve both Barrie commercial and Barrie residential clients and work with you in order to provide the legal real estate insight, advice and guidance to guarantee that your rights are adhered to. Contact our expert Barrie real estate lawyers at Epstein & Associates for a free consultation.

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