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Amicable separation leads to divorce

Beginning in 2000, Ontario native Will Arnett and Amy Poehler had a relationship that extended for 12 years. Arnette joked in 2007 that due to their work schedules, with them both working on opposite ends of the country, they only saw each other twice while they were dating.
The two married in 2003 and occasionally worked together in several TV and movie productions, even playing brother and sister in “Blades of Glory” in 2007. In 2012, the couple separated, though reports say that the split was amicable. It was not reported who kept custody of their two children, then ages 2 and 3.
On April 8 of this year, 18 months after the separation, Arnett filed for divorce and is seeking joint custody of the children, who are now 3 and 5 years old. Some divorce professions recommend that couples go through a trial separation period in order to work out their problems or to buy time to get their financial affairs in order prior to filing for divorce.
This time can also be used in order to get emotions under control; what may begin as an amicable separation may end in a bitter and contentious divorce proceeding if the wrong words are said. A one-year separation may be required for Ontario couples to qualify for certain forms of divorce. A temporary order filed at the point of separation makes temporary provisions for bank accounts and other assets, children and other issues that will likely come up during divorce proceedings. Such an order may be used for the final decision-making once the divorce is underway. An uncontested divorce is generally cheaper and faster than a contested divorce and involves the spouses coming to an agreement upon all important issues.
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