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What Are the Advantages of Collaborative Divorce in Newmarket?

Advantages of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Family Law is an approach where both parties work together through a resolution process along with their legal representatives. This can often be preferable to slugging out all the details of child custody, property division and finances in a courtroom.

Here is a List of Reasons Why Collaborative Law in Newmarket Might Be the Right Choice for You:

More Privacy

One significant benefit of Collaborative Divorce is that is helps the parties involved retain a higher degree of privacy. Filing for a divorce in court will mean that all details of the relationship are made public. If this information has the potential to be embarrassing or problematic, it may be preferable to find a way to keep the case from ever getting to the courts. Likewise if you do not want the entire world to have access to your net worth statement. With collaborative law details are restricted to just the parties involved and their legal teams.

More Control

When dealing with collaborative law, the two parties will be working on their own schedule and are able to voice their opinions on all the various terms of agreement. While there will still be some compromises, your fate is in your hands, so to speak, rather than resting with a judge. It also gives the parties the control to work outside of the box that is the court and find a solution that works for them, rather than a blanket solution.

Can Be More Efficient

In most cases, collaborative law will result in a quicker and less expensive resolution than a lengthy court battle. This is not always the case – inevitably the speed of the conclusion depends on how quickly the two parties can come to terms acceptable to both. Still, collaborative law has less chance of turning into a war of attrition that takes up lots of time and resources.

More Emotionally Healthy

It’s natural to feel angry or upset once the decision to carry through with a divorce has been made. This is a time when emotions are very strong and decisions can be made spontaneously or without thought. Though the natural reaction may be to strike back against the opposite party with the full brunt of the legal system, this will often just increase the tension and slow the period of emotional healing.

For a collaborative divorce agreement to work, both parties may need to put aside strong negative feelings in order to come to a resolution. Sure, the process of getting a divorce may involve anger or grief, but Collaborative Divorce may be a solution that helps people get back into the right attitude of mind more quickly by allowing the parties to bring third party professionals, such as Parenting Coordinators or Financial Specialists to the table to work with the parties jointly or individually.

Find Out if Collaborative Family Law Works for You

Bear in mind that collaborative divorce may not be the solution for everyone. In cases where the two parties involved strongly disagree with one another on what is fair and equitable treatment, it likely will not be possible to reach a compromise. Such is the case where there is a huge disparity in the bargaining power between the two parties, or a history of abuse.

Also, without having strong support from the legal team, one party may feel pressured into a compromise that isn’t to their benefit. This is why it is important to have professionals on your side, even in the case of a relatively peaceful conclusion to a relationship you want to make sure that your interests are protected.

If you are looking for a peaceful solution to your divorce, contact Epstein & Associates and ask about our approach to Collaborative Family Law. You can book an appointment with us for a free consultation where we can explore which approach will work best for your situation.