8 Tips to Guide You on Your Path to Home Ownership in Newmarket

Selecting an experienced Newmarket Real Estate Lawyer has never been easier!

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial commitments and most significant transactions you will make during your lifetime. An agreement of purchase and sale is the stepping stone to home ownership and therefore one of the most significant legal documents that will include your signature.

Real estate transactions are frequently complex and while a real estate agent can help you with many tasks, a real estate lawyer is needed to prepare home purchase documents and, in fact, close the deal. Once an agreement of purchase and sale (APS) is signed and all required conditions have been fulfilled, it becomes a contract between the buyer and seller.

Buying and selling property can be far more complicated than it seems. Hiring the right lawyers for you early on in the house-buying process can save you stress, risk, time and money. The purchasing or selling of property involves binding contracts that should always be reviewed by a qualified real estate lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

These 8 tips will guide you on the path of the home-buying process and selecting the right real estate lawyer for you:

  1. Learn about the home-buying process. Research and understand the market value of homes in the area you are interested in.
  2. Collect required documents and create a list of questions you might like to ask your future real estate lawyer. Make a list of your legal requirements based on your current and potential future situation.
  3. Don’t have a go-to lawyer? Ask a friend for a recommendation. Almost everyone who buys a home will hire a real estate lawyer to represent them during the closing deal.
  4. Schedule a consultation with several real estate lawyers and don’t get stuck on the notion that the first one that shows up on Google search is the right one for you, or the one with the lowest posted “flat fee”. The majority of initial consultations are free, so meet with a variety of lawyers that focus on real estate law and find one that best fits your unique needs.
  5. Ensure you are comfortable with your real estate lawyer and that they are willing to work with you to achieve your homeownership goals. It is important to enter a relationship with your lawyer that feels secure and honest.
  6. Ensure the expert real estate lawyer you hire falls within your price range, before committing.
  7. Double check that the lawyers you meet are qualified, well-versed and experienced in real estate law.
  8. Hire the real estate lawyer that best suits you and you will be on your way to stress free home ownership.
  9. Our qualified real estate lawyers at Epstein & Associates have extensive experience closing real estate deals, from initial transactions to closing. We have transparent flat fees for home purchase; including preparation of a first mortgage, sale and purchase, sale of property; including the discharge of a mortgage, to spousal and simple transfers or simple refinances.

We serve both commercial and residential clients and work with you in order to provide the insight, advice and guidance to guarantee that your rights are adhered to and interests are protected from the beginning.

Contact the expert real estate lawyers at Epstein & Associates in any of our locations; Toronto, Newmarket, Barrie and Richmond Hill for a free consultation.