Is Your Marriage Over? 4 Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Divorce

thinking about divorce

0589Divorce is not an easy process to go through. Though it can seem like a large and scary mountain you do not want to climb, here are a couple of reasons why divorce might not be as scary as you think. 

Due to societal pressures and values, the act of divorce may seem like a crime. While that pressure may be helpful in that it encourages people to work on their marriage and not take divorce lightly, viewing it as inherently wrong ignores the positive outcomes that divorce can bring.

With over twenty years working in divorce and family law, we have learned first-hand that divorce is not necessarily a bad thing, and oftentimes can lead to a more fulfilling and happier life. If marriage is one of the root causes of your problems, causing anxiety, depression, and a whole other host of negative emotions and challenges, divorce could actually improve your quality of life. 

Below, we have outlined four reasons to not shy away from divorce if your marriage is no longer working out. 

Staying Married Could Be More Harmful

Although a divorce may take a couple of years to fully finalize, the time you spend in the divorce process in comparison to the happier life you will live after is minuscule. Staying married in an unhealthy relationship will be more of a burden on your mental and physical health than the actual divorce process.

We want to ensure that our clients know that getting a divorce is not an easy task and will require a lot of tough conversations and decisions, but we can say that it is worth it in the long-run and that the pain is temporary.

Your Lawyer Is There to Help

There is always time to process a divorce case and speak with your lawyer about what are the necessary steps to ensure the outcome you deserve. 

You always have choices in a divorce case which can be easy to forget at some points; fortunately, your lawyer is there to remind you of and help protect your legal rights upon marriage dissolution. Your lawyer is your number one asset when it comes to fighting for your own assets as well as your children. 

You Are Helping Yourself & Children More Than You Think

When a marriage is over and you and your spouse have tried everything to resolve the issues, there is nothing wrong with ending it. In fact, staying in a negative and toxic relationship, and exposing your children to such an environment, is much worse.

Within a marriage, you have an obligation to try and resolve any issues you come across, but if the issues are continuously increasing and affecting your life and your children’s life, you should re-evaluate the marriage and make tough but crucial decisions on what is best for you, your children, and everyone’s mental health. 

This is indeed not a sign of weakness as the strength it takes to make this important decision is very difficult. 

You Will Not Lose All Your Assets

Divorce law in Ontario falls under the Family Law Act and focuses on ensuring that couples leave their marriage on relatively equal footing.

After the initial split of all things in your joint name, it then needs to be determined what assets were brought into the marriage from each individual. Usually, property remains with the party who brought them into the marriage unless negotiated otherwise. This likewise applies to any inheritances or significant gifts, so long as they were kept separate and solely in that party’s name.


Here at Epstein & Associates, we are always willing to help you prepare for your divorce case and answer any questions you may have. We are committed to ensuring that you never feel like you are in the dark and strive to alleviate any concerns you might have about the process.

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